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Islamic Classes Resume

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We are pleased to announce to the community of Masjid Al-Farooq in San leandro, by the permission of Allaah, the following classes will be resuming and new classes will be opening in Masjid Al-Farooq as well, after the first two weeks of Shawwal (the month following Ramadhan), in sha Allaah.

To proceed:

🗓️ Mondays :
🕰️ Between Maghrib and Ishaa

📖 Shamaa’il Muhammadiyah (The Character of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم) taught by Abu Abdillaah Sameer At-Tunisy حفظه الله

🗓️ Tuesdays:
🕰️ Between Maghrib and Ishaa

📖 Description of the Prayer of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم

Authored by Al-Albaani رحمه الله

🕰️ After Ishaa:
Tajweed for Adult Men

Taught by Abu Rizq Mundhir Al-Amreeki حفظه الله

🗓️ Wednesdays:
🕰️ Between Maghrib and Ishaa

📖 The Six Fundamental Principles of Islam

Authored by Shaykhul-Islam رحمه الله

📖 Nuzhatul-Qaari fi Sharh kitabil Ilm min Saheeh Al-Bukhaari

By: Shaykh Zaid Al-Madkhali رحمه الله

🕰️ After Ishaa:
Tajweed for Adult Men

Taught by Abu Rizq Mundhir Al-Amreeki حفظه الله/ Abu Bakr Al-Yemeny

🗓️ Thursdays:

📖 Lamiyatul Shaykhil-Islam

Taught by Shaykh Khalid Al-Waasily حفظه الله

🗓️ 🎙️ Friday Nights
🕰️ Between Maghrib and Ishaa*

🎙️ Lectures by various Callers to Islaam in the East Bay Area in our well- known Masaajid

🗓️ Saturday:
🕰️ Between Maghrib and Ishaa

📖 “Kanzul-Aṭfāl”

By our noble brother, Dr. Faisal Al-Wādi’ee حفظه الله

This is a class which we encourage both fathers and sons to attend and participate in together.

Taught by Abu Rizq Mundhir Ibn Muhammad

🗓️Starting May 4, 2024
Saturdays and Sundays
🕰️Between 11:00-12:15pm

Mabaadi ul-Mufeedah fil Lugatil Arabiyah

Authored by Abu Rayhana Abdul-Hakeem حفظه الله

For Adult Men
(Intermediate Level)

Taught by Abu Rizq Mundhir Al-Amreeki حفظه الله

We ask Allaah for sincerity and assistance.

الحمد لله رب العالمين

Prayer Times

17 May 2024
Maghrib Iqamah


2 Hours 37 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr04:31 04:51
Jumuah13:05 13:15
Asr16:56 17:11
Maghrib20:14 20:24
Isha21:39 21:49


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